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Pediatric Chiropractic at
Active Family Chiropractic

At Active Family Chiropractic, we love seeing entire families benefit from chiropractic. Newborn babies are a common sight in our office. Some people wonder, why would you bring a child to see a chiropractor? Babies have a spine just like an adult does. It’s prone to wear and tear, from the birthing process to all the developmental stages like sitting up, crawling and walking.

Dr. Trenary can provide gentle spinal checkups to make sure your child is in perfect alignment. If there is a problem present, we find that children heal up quickly and don’t need to come in often to stay well.

The Many Conditions We Help Kids With

Most often, parents bring their children to us because they’re experiencing a certain problem. The conditions we commonly see include the following:

Ear infections. The first vertebrae in the spine are often rotated in these cases. That rotation pulls on the ear tube, which leads to a buildup of bacteria there. We can align the spine and help to clear out the bacteria.

Constipation. Some babies go days or weeks without a bowel movement. It can make parents worry quite a bit! After an adjustment, your baby will likely fill their diaper.

Colic. If your baby is abnormally fussy, they may have colic. Colic can be related to a child’s spinal health. We’ll gently feel along their spine, then use a finger pressure to make the needed correction.

Injuries. As your child gets older and enjoys playing and sports, they may have a specific injury. For example, we’ve had pediatric patients hurt a shoulder after jumping on a trampoline. If your child is a typical active kid, you want them to remain healthy.

The new patient process for kids is pretty quick since there is no long case history to discuss. Plus, a child will generally tell us exactly where it hurts. Dr. Trenary will conduct an examination. Typically, X-rays are not taken unless they seem absolutely necessary.

Once we determine your child can benefit from chiropractic, they’ll receive an adjustment. It’s light and easily tolerated. When your child comes in for their next visit, they’ll be excited to tear the paper off the headpiece and will even “help” Dr. Trenary to adjust Mom or Dad first!

Do you use the same force to adjust a child as you do an adult?

No. We don’t use much force to adjust a child. In fact, Dr. Trenary usually uses just the pressure of his fingers when caring for babies and children. He’ll show you on your hand or arm how much force is used. It’s simply not necessary because your child doesn’t have tension built up in their spine as an adult might.
How often should my child come in for an adjustment?

We don’t prescribe lengthy care plans for your child. The best way to go is to see how they respond to their first adjustment and take it from there. You can call our office in the next few days, depending on what their issue is, and schedule a follow-up as needed. Generally, a child doesn’t need more than a couple of visits.
Will my child be adjusted on the first visit?

Yes. We need to have a consultation and do some testing to ensure that they’re a candidate for chiropractic. If so, they will receive an adjustment. If we don’t think they can benefit from chiropractic care, you will be told immediately. Dr. Trenary will refer you to the appropriate professional to help your child.
Do I need to bring anything to my child's first appointment?

No, there’s no particular way you need to prepare. We’ll put your child at ease as soon as we meet them so they can have a pleasant experience with us. They won’t be scared to have another visit with us, knowing it’s a place where they can have fun. If your child is in diapers, we suggest you make certain you have an extra one (or even two) with you, as it’s common that kids fill their diapers after being adjusted!

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