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About Us

Achieving Wellness With Your Mason City Chiropractor

Many of our patients first come to Active Family Chiropractic seeking relief from a particular pain or ailment. Our goal is to not only eliminate patients’ pain but keep them out of pain. Ultimately, we want to help those in Mason City achieve overall wellness. “My hope for my patients is to get everything functioning the best it possibly can,” says Dr. Patrick Trenary.

Chiropractic Is About More Than Pain

Family chiropractic care

Active Family Chiropractic offers chiropractic care for the entire family!

Dr. Trenary spends much of his time talking with patients about vertebral subluxation. A vertebral subluxation is when two bones are out of alignment and put pressure on your nerves. When the nerves are under pressure, they don’t function properly and can lead to a whole host of symptoms, the most common of which is pain.Sometimes, alleviating the pressure on the nerves can help you find relief from problems you wouldn’t think to associate with misalignment of the spine.We’ve had patients who struggled to become pregnant for years and, after seeking chiropractic care, went on to have healthy pregnancies.

Colicky babies are commonly soothed with chiropractic care. Soothing the baby helps parents rest easier, too!

Care for Your Active Lifestyle

Active Family Chiropractic offers Saturday appointments and on-site X-rays for convenient care that fits your busy schedule. We also accept most insurance plans.

Find out how great you can feel with chiropractic care. Contact our office today to schedule your first appointment.

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